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Their smile is our best guarantee.

But we also love to hear what our valued parents and teachers have to say about Nutty Scientists® programs. Please take a quick read through the wonderful things our satisfied clients have shared.

Community Center Camp Story

The Nutty Scientists camp was filled to capacity both weeks it was offered. Feedback about the program was very positive and was evident on the faces of smiling and excited children as they left camp every day. Nutty Scientists is an important part of the Community Center’s offerings…any community would be well served offering a unique and educational program such as theirs.

Ana Colls, Key Biscayne Community Center Manager

Entertaining the Children’s Hospital

The staff gave us wonderfully positive feedback about the children’s reaction and overall experience. Thank you for providing our patients and families with an educational and unforgettable show that incorporates learning and exploring science in an entertaining way. Your Nutty Scientists event was a huge success!

Mia Kisner, Coordinator at Miami Children’s Hospital

Loving Science

My son always had a hard time in school. He has a learning disability and teachers didn’t know how to deal with him. He brought home C’s and D’s and never felt proud of his grades. Last year he joined the Nutty Scientists After School Program at his school, and at the end of the year he still had his D average in most his classes, EXCEPT science. He earned a B in science last year and was so proud! His new love for science was 100% inspired by the Nutty Scientists’ amazing team.

Lisa V., Parent

Getting Nutty at School

The Nutty Scientists program was a huge success with the students. One project the students really enjoyed was making soap. They were fully engaged and excited by the finished project. The feedback from the students was very positive and they were ready and eager for the next session. The students enjoyed themselves so much that our program manager offered the Nutty Scientists the opportunity to provide their program during the summer session.

Antonio Marshall, Elementary Coordinator at Overtown Youth Center

Teaching the Tikes

Thank you so much for brining the Nutty Scientists to our Kindergarten class…the children had such a wonderful time and even learned a thing or two! As a teacher, I was so grateful to have an alternative to the usual party in the classroom. The experiments and presentation were perfectly age appropriate and so entertaining. It was such fun to watch the children thoroughly enjoy science.

Anne Rothe, Teacher at Presbyterian School

The Academy of Nutty Scientists

The Nutty Scientists program provides innovative, hands-on activities that engage the students. Students are encouraged to think critically and problem solve. The program has had great success and students have signed up to attend multiple sessions. Nutty Scientists has been professional and respected all school policies and procedures. It has been a pleasure to work with this company and I enthusiastically recommend them.

Susana Rivera, Principal at St. Agnes Academy

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Science Shows

Nutty Scientists® offers you the opportunity to delight families with highly entertaining shows and workshops of a scientific nature. Learn More


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