Why Nutty Scientists?

The “nutty” is what makes us memorable.

It’s true, one of the main differences between Nutty Scientists® and other kids learning franchises is that we aren’t afraid to get a little wacky.

We create fun, hands-on, spectacular interactive activities in the form of shows or workshops related to science, which incorporate aspects of technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM). In addition, we pride ourselves on incorporating an artistic component, tying art with science.

We consider ourselves experts in “edutainment” (entertainment + education), which means that we truly engage children – through participation, experimentation and observation.

And it’s backed by serious science.

Nutty Scientists unique methodology is internationally recognized and awarded. It uses these various educational techniques:

  • TPR© (Total Physical Response) Method
  • SDAIE© (Specifically Designed Academic Instruction in English)
  • PQS© (Plonsky Question System)

Technical lingo aside, the point is, children have fun while they’re learning. Their ability to be hands-on during our experiments helps them not only remember the concepts, but retain them.

Why it matters so much.

Did you know? On a global scale, science is repeatedly the weakest subject in schools. As evidence, a recent Department of Education study reveals that approximately two-thirds of fourth-graders and four-fifths of high-school seniors in the U.S. fail to reach proficiency levels in science.

This is a disturbing trend, as science and math are the basis for the technology that will continue to drive us through the 21st century. If kids aren’t learning the basics, how will they learn more complex science concepts later in life?

One franchise proving the world isn’t flat.

Nutty Scientists was founded in Europe in 1996 and our proprietary programs have been expertly developed with input from scientists from around the world ever since. In that time we have worked with thousands of municipalities, schools, institutions, businesses and other customers.

FOR YOU, this means we have the experience, the expertise and credibility to help you deliver the very best product in your market.

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