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4M Scientific Discovery Kit

Learn about the fascinating world of science in a fun, hands-on way. Foster STEAM & STEM learning through multiple disciplines. 42 popular and award-winning 4M KidzLabs STEAM experiments and projects are included, as well as detailed instructions! Just add a few common household ingredients to turn the home into a laboratory. An excellent gift for science-loving kids.

Age: 8+


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The 4M Scientific Discovery Kit is a comprehensive STEAM kit, full of fascinating experiments that provides hours of fun learning activities.

Perform tabletop volcanic eruptions, build a clock powered by lemon, make a square bubble, drive a magnetic racer, perform amazing science magic tricks and more. Discover different science principles with this fascinating kit. Over 40 fun projects!

Includes an Activity Booklet and over 40 Project Cards with instructions.

Self-learning STEAM principles

All the unique projects included will encourage children’s natural curiosity. They will learn even more about the fascinating world of science.

Easy-to-teach projects for parents

Includes clear and colorful project guides. Follow along and complete the exercises with your child. Prepare to be amazed at how simple projects can effectively teach complex and thought-provoking ideas!

Focus on 7 Topics: Magnetic Force, Bubble Science, Water Science, Air Science, Electricity, Materials, & Science Magic Tricks

Recommended for age 8 years and up.

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