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Crystal Growing Dinosaur Egg

Chemistry has never been so fun and colorful! Create beautiful crystals at the back of a dinosaur and bring them into life! Let your child feel like a real chemist watching the crystal grow. It’s the perfect gift for any budding Scientist.

Note: Random egg color, dinosaur style, and crystal color.

Age: 10+


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Brighten your child’s day with an engaging science experiment through our Crystal Growing Dinosaur Egg Science Kit! Each crystal growing kit contains complete instructions. Follow the steps, and the crystal will grow out! Kids are encouraged to do the experiments themselves, but they should also ask for adult assistance in certain steps (pouring boiling water).

The crystal growth experiment requires kids to follow the instructions. From dissolving, to pouring the solution, observing crystal growth, and finally removing the crystal, this simple experiment kit would test our child’s patience, and ability to follow instructions.

Note: Random egg color, dinosaur style, and crystal color.

Recommended for age 10 and up.

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