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5 in 1 Pirate Treasure Dig Kit

Make learning fun for your little archaelogist with our Pirate Treasure Dig Kit! Our digging kit is equipped with a set of tools (hammer, brush, crowbar) to dig blocks and take out the treasure. Dig through our 5-in-1 pirate treasure set, just like a real adventurer! If your kids are fascinated by pirates and want to give them gifts, then stop looking for them and buy this archeological kit for your kids! Treasures to be found are gems, fool’s gold and pirates fossil.

Age: 6+


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Dig with our 5 in 1 Pirate Treasure Kits, like a real adventurer! You’ll be going on an expedition to uncover the cool history and mysteries of pirates.

Our Pirate Dig Kit comes with a colorful and well made box, made of harmless plaster – a great birthday, Christmas gift giving for kids. A really fun addition on the pirate party favor! It comes with 5 relics individually wrapped, as well a chisel, brush, and hammer. Use the tools provided to dig into the bricks to get the treasures out. Treasures to be found are gems, fool’s gold and pirate fossils.

Recommended for age 6 and up.

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